Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Back in the Twilight Zone

Tuesday the 25th, back in the Twilight Zone of work.... Due to the poor salary structure at the State of New Mexico (heh, 2% just doesn't go that far covering the last three years for raises) I've taken a part-time position at a local boutique hotel - front desk/concierge. My manager is supportive, I make up the 1.5 hours I need to leave on Mondays by working 'till 5:30 Tues-Thurs, but a 13-hour day IS a 13-hour day. Heh, how else am I going to get a decent raise and pay those student loans and get ahead? The hotel gig is only 12 hours/week, 3-9 sunday/monday.

So, worked actually sat/sun/monday at the hotel since was asked to cover the sat shift for two weeks. The position is fun, since it's really fluffy compared to what I do for the State. But you know, there's always someone that thinks they're THE big fish in a small pond, the Anal-retentive type. Same at the hotel, Roberto after 90 mere days on the job is MR. CONCIERGE. He's a piece of work alright, totally spun, running all over the hotel trying to run the place and certainly feeling superior as he is charged (or not, but he's got that big 90 days under his belt and I've only been there two weeks) with overseeing my inital 90 days of answering the phones, transferring calls and putting room charges into the computer system. I can't believe that for $9.50/hour a retired public utility company man could be so intent on becoming THE MAN that knows all/runs all etc. I just let him go, he wants to do it all/be it all, heck makes my life certainly easier. Had him twirling yesterday, referring dinner/tour recommendations, reservations, general questions and check in all to him. He was multi-tasking for sure. He wants to feel important, have at it - he's going to work twice as hard trying to do it all. But heh, it's a part-time job and I can walk at any point (however I want something part-time so don't feel that cavalier about it). I figure the Manager (who's not there Sundays/Mondays) will at some point touch bases with me about how it's going, but I'm sure Roberto had kept her fully informed of my incompetence and his importance. I can't say how many times he's reminded me that the Manager has treated him SO well and he's a supplicant to her, how he's not there for the money (yet that $1 tip for the dinner recommendation was snatched in heartbeat time) and how he's really saving money for the hotel by not lighting the fire at night until later blah blah blah. He's a weenie alright with some sort of inner need to run the place. Have at it.

Meanwhile, another Romper Room screwup at the State. An email survey that was to be sent anonomously to all employees somehow got sent by the Superintendent's secretary with responses to be returned to her. There goes any real qualitative responses due to fear of retribution etc. I can only hope that I get called back for a second interview for the Deputy Director position in another Division (fingers crossed, don't figure I've got a real chance as those positions generally go to the "good ole buddy" regardless of qualifications), since it pays about $65K and I could use my education and brain for a change. I should hear on that this week. That would solve being underpaid in my present position and the need for a part-time position (and leave Mr. Concierge all to himself to run the place on sundays/mondays). I should know on the Deputy Director positon this week.

Meanwhile, horse show season is coming up and I'm thinking it will be pretty successful for both me and Danny. We're coming along well and the 3-foot division should be a snap, along with Medal and Equitation classes.

Not doing anything, as usual, at work today (this post underscores) which is good, can rest up from the 13-hour day yesterday, get some sleep. Weather's pretty good though and figure spring is just about a month away and can start storing those heavy wool winter clothes.

Got to get back to doing nothing...

Monday, January 24, 2005

first post

I'm so damn bored at work that I started this blog just to give me something to do and some place to note the craziness of it all.

I worked for a Divison of the Federal government for nine years or so, and gladly took the measely separation allowance when they decided to "right size". I'd had it with 75% or more travel and the dysfunctional work environment. Literally did what many people only fantasize about - I bagged it in, walked from the charge cards, sold the house and moved to Paradise for five years. Sure, it looks funny on the resume, but I do speak fluent Spanish which helps out a lot anyway here in the States. In fact, I defy some of those hi-falutin' executives who have interviewed me over the last four years to have the balls and guts to do what I did as a single woman, pack the dogs and some clothes in the car and head South over the Border. I got in some retirement time while I still had the verve to do it, no wheeling me up the cruise ship ramp in the wheel chair after some 25 years working in a grunt job. but I digress...

I came back to the US after almost five years 'cause I am American 110% and I missed my culture, plus the saying "same ole shitty day in Paradise" really did get boring. Back over the Border with a soft landing planned in Santa Fe, NM.
I knew there weren't many, or really ANY, jobs for an ex-banking examiner holding a BA in Economics but I figured I'd just land here for a year, get my feet on the ground and move back to California. I never wanted to work for any sort of governmental agency again after the nine years with the Feds.

My agenda's slowed up since I got back in the Fall of '99. Been here now over five years and I think that I'm never gonna get the hell out of here. I remember someone telling me that the New Mexico license plates should say "Land of Entrapment" (vs. "Land of Enchantment") since no one can make enough money to get the hell out of this State - I'd say that that's pretty much right on.

Taught skiing and did some other odd jobs for the first year until I realized that I was getting nowhere and I should apply to the only real employer in town that pays on time, the checks don't bounce, and has health benefits - The State of New Mexico.

Well, been here at the good ole State of NM for going on five years. Like my manager and the position task assignments - certainly looks good on the resume and builds on the financial experience with the Feds and my Econ degree. My manager's great, a bit myopic at times (to be expected, she's been here so long that tunnel vision just goes with the gig) but she lets me come and go with no bullshit, and the job functions are pretty interesting - when there are any, that is.

Right, that's just what's up. Little or no work to do. I get paid to do, well, nothing for long periods of time and it's OK. I'm not alone, it's endemic. And I thought the Federal government was dysfunctional and wasteful, while a State governmental agency would be more nimble due to the smaller size. Wrong. During the last 19 years I've gone from working in a huge bureaucracy, to a respite in Paradise, to working in Romper Room.

Well...bout time to take another break... more forthcoming....